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Tako Than


Sushi master since 2003, Chef Tako has worked to refine his training in the great Montreal sushi restaurants. He has been operating a family-owned sushi restaurant in Little-Italy for 10 years with his wife Anna.
In 2014, he added a sushi chef service at home to share his passion for this culinary art . Being very creative, Tako knows how to surprise you with tons of beautiful and delicious sushi. In order to offer you an extraordinary culinary experience, Tako only uses high quality products, fresh daily, purchased from the most renowned merchants in the region. The integration of local products in the preparation of its sushi adds a very special touch to its creations.

Anna Nguyen


Sushi chef for 10 years, Chef Anna has been helping her husband Tako run the business of the family restaurant while working with customers. She helps prepare and develop the sushi menu before leaving for customers. She also comes to give him a hand in the more numerous evenings. She is the quiet force behind Chef Tako's success.

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